Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stamp PLC for Automating Small Machines

The Stamp PLC is a PLC that is absolutely sized for small machines of automating. Produced by Parallax, Inc. Lawicel and Parallax have united their expertise to carry a PLC that characterizes the next stage evolution in the market of small-scale PLC. PLC is microcontrollers that are "pre-packaged" to endure the risks of a manufacturing environment. Specially, the inputs and outputs are ocular isolated, the outputs are totally protected, and their internal parts are electrically rough and quite resistant to noise characteristically present in manufacturing environments. In addition, the Stamp PLC is domiciled by a strong and smooth field that presents a rail mount of integral DIN.
• There are 10 Inputs of Digital. The 8 inputs are collected jointly consideration of an on-board shift register. BASIC Stamps have integrated controls to read these easily. The 2 inputs are read straightly by the BASIC Stamp.
• 8 Outputs of Digital are electrically and thermally protected, ad also optically isolated.
• 4 Inputs of Analog. Installing an optional converter of Analog to Digital into its connector put in four channels of analog input. Every channel can be separately configured.
• LEDs of Front Panel show the ten inputs and eight outputs status through a light-pipe array.
• The power supply heavy-duty has incorporated protection of noise. Once programming is completed of RS-232 Serial Port, the serial port can be utilized to transmit and receive serial data1.
• The socket of BASIC Stamp contains any 24-pin BASIC Stamp. So this PLC can work virtually that a BASIC Stamp can execute. Conditional branching, Logic functions, numerical computation, even non-volatile memory for data-logging.

Additional Features
• Language of PBASIC: this programming language was designed to be directly and simply to use without a compiler. Anyone can learn The PBASIC language and can be expert in a few of hours.
• Built-In Debugger: Link the serial cable to a PC operating the software and the debugger can help you to debug the program and/or report data.
• Resources: The BASIC Stamp has succeeded for many years. There are a lot of books and resource websites dedicated to The BASIC Stamp and its application.

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