Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zelio and Altivar PLC with Pushbutton Control

The system is developed with a PLC low end with pushbutton visualization and control through illuminated beacon and pilot lights to organize a connected VVD of AC motor unit. The safety protection is offered in the emergency stop form and a mains switch. All variables of application (control logic, time, or speed) can be adjusted by using the integrated VVD or PLC panel.

The hardware including:
• PLC (Programmable Logic Control Compact of ZELIO)
• PS of Phaseo power supply
• VVD (Altivar ATV 11)
• Circuit Breaker of Tesys circuit breaker GV2
• Push Button of Harmony Style 5 pushbutton XB5, pilot light (PL) of XB5 and emergency stop
• Style of Illuminated beacon XVB
• VCF of Vario switch-disconnect
• AC-Motor Standard

• PowerSuite Version 1.5
• Zeliosoft Version 2.0

Dimensions of the PLC compact size, ATV11, and power supply lets the use cabinet with a 300x200x200mm (BxHxW). Size the pilot lights and pushbuttons can be incorporated into the cabinet front door.

• The GV2 circuit breaker can be assembled on the cabinet rear wall.
• The GV2 requires a DIN rail for mounting.
• The beacon of illuminated is sent as single parts. The user must assemble the beacon before installation. This permits the user to identify the position of the different colored elements.
• There are two potential for assembling the pushbutton of XB5 or pilot light. In the 1st case, the operator drills a 22mm hole in the right position in the front side cabinet. The 2nd case is to assemble the components in an XALD housing which can begin to 5 lights or push buttons. The XALD can also be assembled on a cabinet surface.
• Mostly require of 35mm DIN rail and M5*18mm screws and nuts for fixing
• Wiring between VVD, main switch, and emergency stop using 230VAC
• Wiring between control circuits, power supply, PLC, pushbutton, and light of the VVD using 24VDC

Software PLC of Zeliosoft
The user does not of necessity require a software tool to implement the system. The Altivar 11 and the Zelio Logic CPU can be initiated or programmed with the front panel on both appliances. Nevertheless, for more ease and the opportunity of multiple usage, data storage, and simulation of the application, it is suggested you install and use Zeliosoft to construct the PowerSuite and/or PLC for the VVD. Your PC requires having an operating system of Microsoft Windows installed.

To begin the installation, place the CDs in the DVD or CD drive of the PC. The CDs generally automatically starts because of the "Auto-Start" function in the PC. Please follow the installation instruction. If it found problems during installation please check the guidelines in the product manual instruction.
The software devices have the default install paths as following:
• PowerSuite \Program Files\Schneider Electric\PowerSuite
• Zeliosoft \Program Files\Schneider Electric\Zeliosoft

1. Press the right or left button to choose the rotation direction.
2. Select ON to begin the motor with the chosen rotation direction.
3. If you choose the opposite rotation direction while the motor is operating, the speed will drop to zero before the motor exchanges to the new direction.
4. Press OFF to stop the operation of motor.

The PLC section explains the different steps required to program, initialize, and parameterize the PLC logic to perform the system functionality as describe above. The application is written using the tool of Zeliosoft. When you initiate the software of Zeliosoft for the beginning, there are displayed the welcome screen with options to make a new program or to do on an existing program. Choose “new program” if you want to make a new PLC application. There are displayed the screen to choose the modules of Zelio - offered with pictures. Please choose PLC then choose the right module type reference as shown in the list of the screen.


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