Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quantum Allen Bradley Remote I/O

The QRIO defines as a card of scanner to control devices on a network of Allen-Bradley. It is perfect for users that already an installed a network of Remote I/O (RIO) and would like to setup to a PLC Quantum without changing out all of the Remote I/O. It also can be utilized to put in specialty devices of RIO to an offered system of Quantum PLC.

The form factor of Quantum, module of single-width with an RS-232 serial port and two RIO ports on the front called as QRIO. The QRIO is an option module of Quantum PLC and have to be used in local racks. It is well-matched with all programming packages of Quantum PLC that carry the module of NOE771 Ethernet Option, including ProWorx, Unity, Concept, and Modsoft.

Improvements in the firmware of QRIO now allocate it to run in a PLC system of Quantum Hot Standby. When a QRIO is installed in every rack of the two racks of primary PLC, the system of Hot Standby can control QRIO. It is together control up to two different RIO networks, coordinating during changeover a Hot Standby to smoothly hand off control of the attached I/O. This upgrade of firmware is companionable with all the QRIO hardware revisions, but added cabling is needed to enable the QRIOs communicate directly with other in installations of Hot Standby.

The QRIO sustains three different mechanisms for RIO devices communicating: Block Transfer Messaging, Discrete I/O, and Block Transfer I/O. The QRIO can utilize any or all of the mechanisms, base on the ability of the Remote devices. Discrete I/O is updated via the PLC’s I/O scanning table. Block Transfer Mes¬saging and Block Transfer I/O are proficient using the instructions of Quantum’s MSTR. This is alike to mechanism of Allen-Bradley’s for admission devices that use these types of message.


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