Thursday, May 19, 2011

Twido PLC System

The system is built up from a Twido PLC and monitored and viewed using a Magelis keyboard or screen. Security is guaranteed by an emergency stop button. The messages from the alarm module and the system are hardwired and the PLC control the starter. The following parts make up the system:
• As the PLC is Twido Modular;
• The PS is Phaseo power supply;
• Starter Controller is TeSys-U;
• HMI is Magelis XBT-N;
• 3-phase motor standard.
• Magelis XBTL1003M V4.2.
• Twidosoft Version 2.0;
The Twidosoft program screenshot demonstrates programming in Ladder which can be turned to List. The software contains a large instructions set and an embedded browser is utilized to contact all the objects directly.

Some applications need performances that are hard to reach without their being connected closely to power control, acquisition and processing functions. Therefore, linkage is processed directly by the function of power control, either in analogue, by fast bus such as CANopen, etc. or special bus such as Sercos, etc. This architecture type is found in speed controllers for both synchronous and asynchronous motors in close loop systems.

The requirement to linkage a sequential process of discrete variables and analogue means that manufacturers already added to speed controllers:
• input/output cards
• communication cards
• PLC processing cards
These solutions can be utilized uniformly for infrastructure and in industrial applications.

An option of programmable card can be used to exchange speed controllers of Altivar into correct automation production cells. This is called as "Controller Inside" has built in the PLC functions:
• The software of Codesys programming with standardized of IEC 61131-3
• Processing secure to the motor runs for movement rapidity;
• Master bus of CANopen to rule other speed controllers such as Altivar 71, Altivar 61 and Altivar 31 and switch all requisite data;
• The card has inputs/outputs and admission to Altivar inputs/outputs;
• The functions of graphic terminal display are saved to notify and organize;
• Supervision accessible through Modbus, Ethernet or other communication networks.


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