Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Using the Segment Scheduler of PLC WorkShop

The Segment Scheduler lets you to manage the order and execution method for every ladder segment. Additionally, you can allocate drops of input and output to every segment to coordinate I/O scanning with ladder execution. The processor of B984 does not support the Segment Scheduler.
To admission the Segment Scheduler:
1. Press Logic Editor from the menu of View.
2. Press Scheduler in the dialog box of Logic Editor. The dialog box of Segment Scheduler shows.
I. To edit an entry:
1. Press the preferred entry in the Table of Segment Scheduler, then Press the button of Edit. The dialog box of Edit appears.
2. Choose the preferred settings in the Edit box and press OK to enter the updates to the entry. Press Cancel to ignore edits to the entry and go back to the Scheduler.

II. To remove an entry or entries:
1. To remove an entry, Press the preferred entry and click the button of Delete. To choose multiple entries repress the Shift or Ctrl keys and press (Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click) or press, hold and drag transversely the preferred entries in the Segment Scheduler Table, next press the button of Delete. The chosen entries are removed. For more information concerning using the keyboard and mouse to choose items.

III. To insert an entry:
1. Press the button of Insert with the cursor at the position you desire to put in the entry new. The dialog box of Insert appears.
2. Enter the preferred information in the box of Insert. Press OK to put in the entry. Press Cancel to ignore the information of entry and return to the Scheduler.
3. Press the button of WDT to place in a Reset Watchdog Timer. A Timer of Reset Watchdog is inserted at the position of the cursor.
4. Press OK to come in your updates in the Segment Scheduler. Press Cancel to ignore all updates to the Segment Scheduler and go back to the Logic Editor.


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