Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Knowing more about PLC in automation system

PLC or programming logic controller is a tool to help many industries in automation system for producing product with better quality and precision. Many industries have used PLC in their automation system, the reason is because this tool is really useful, simple and pretty helpful in the automation field. Using PLC will also save more money and time, the reason is because by using PLC, there is no need to start everything from the beginning again. PLC helps company who want to get a better system in automation to help them save more money.

The benefit of automation system
When considering about its benefit in automation system, it will be good if we know more about PLC, as this tool is quite popular and will continue to grow with some updates and improvements later. The first thing we should know about PLC is its function, just like its name, PLC is a programmable tool; so that you can redesign it depend on your needs. PLC also use logic concept to do some instructions in industry field. PLC has the ability to do many instructions from the simple one to difficult one. The other we should know is that it can control and produce the result depend on our requirement.

Some parts of PLC as automation system
There are parts of this tool that we should know when you take a look inside in the PLC component, as it is important to know more about PLC when it comes to automation system. You will find some parts such as a power supply, memory, input modules, output modules, programming console and CPU. So if you want to know more about PLC, you will need to know the function from each component. A power supply is the first part in PLC for producing power to all components of PLC. The other component from PLC is programming consoles, this component is used to write the program, and usually this component can be connected directly to the CPU by using a cable.

The next component you should know is a memory; the function of memory is to store a program written in programming console. The last thing you should know is CPU, this tool is really important, because it controls the entire process. CPU is the one who responsible to execute many commands, so if you have known some of parts from PLC, the next thing you need to do is learn PLC. Learning PLC can be time consuming, as you will learn it well, so that you know how to create a better automation system in industry field.

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