Saturday, May 21, 2011

Working with Logic Programs with PLC WorkShop

Creating a New Logic Program
It’s simple to make a new program with PLC WorkShop. You can make new programs in offline only. Use the Fast PLC or Open Program to link to a processor online.
To make a new logic Connection program and begin programming, follow the steps below:
1. Choose New Program from the File menu or Click on the Toolbar; or
2. Press Ctrl+N on the keyboard
3. Select the PLC Type
4. Click OK.

Open an Existing Logic Program
We can open an accessible logic file to edit program information in either offline or online mode. Follow the steps below to open an existing program:
1. Choose Open Program in the File menu or Click on the Toolbar;
2. Click Browse;
3. Type the name of program in the line of Program Name. We can open*.PGR (PLC WorkShop DOS files), *.FMD (PLC WorkShop 32 bit files), or *.FTK (PLC WorkShop 16 bit files).
4. Select on the name of program in the scroll box of File Name and click OK.
5. Put the selected program’s file name into the Address Documentation Path. If another documentation program is preferred, it must be connected through Share Address Documentation.
6. Click the button of Advanced on the dialog box of Open Program to setup shared documentation.
7. Enter the documentation program name of share address in the Path line and Shared File.
8. Click Next and go through the refresh rate. Applicable times are from 1 to 1440 minutes.
9. Hit it off Next and Finish
10. Choose Connect to PLC or Offline in the Program Type area. If we choose Connect to PLC, we can use the select a new communication port or previous saved communication port by hit it off the Setup button.
11. Transfer Logic to PLC is transferring all data and logic areas to the PLC, and fills documentation.
12. Press Enter to open the program.


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