Friday, May 20, 2011

Combined Mode of PLC WorkShop

If you want to connect online an existing File, to a controller that the program inhabit, you can utilize the feature of Combined to go online faster. Combined also enables for online edits of Segment Scheduler, Ladder, TCOP, ASCII message, Extension of Configuration, Ports of Modbus, and ASCII Ports to be created to the Databases and PLC together which enables for a quicker online save. You choose Combined Mode in the Open dialog by choosing the Combined checkbox.

The file that is utilized to connect online is implicit to be a correct match with the PLC program to work Combined Mode. If the basic or ladder configuration do not tally, connection online is disabled. Even if configuration, Ports of Modbus, Coils Used including the coil of Battery, ladder, the Registers of State Table equal post attach, the below devices could still be different:
• Parameters ASCII Port
• Loadables EXE
• Message ASCII
• Never checked Data
• Loadables DAT
• Extension Configuration
• Solve Table

Combined Mode does not tolerate amends to the memory configuration (Adding or deleting Loadables, Configuration. Ext., Segment, Configured Quantities, etc.), continuing with this accomplishment eliminates Combined Mode and needs a full online save. The memory of clearing PLC is also not tolerated in Combined Mode. Continuing with this accomplishment eliminates Combined Mode and needs a full online save. If Combined Mode already disregarded, and a save is endeavored, save interprets from the memory of PLC, not from offline.

If the PLC is errors out in Dim-awareness the Combine Mode. The 3 top of checkboxes are always disabled and checked. The completed program is always stored. The values of data for 0x throughout 6x are a selection. If data is not stored they keep their earlier values from the file of offline. The "Save 6x Registers" is only allowed if register of 6x live in the PLC.


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