Friday, May 20, 2011

PLC Workshop Basics

It will get you launched using PLC WorkShop with pointing out features of software and delineation a move toward to programming. The fundamentals are involved, such as:
• A new logic program building;
• Existing logic program Opening;
• A logic program saving;
• A logic program printing;
• Logic programs importing and exporting; and
• Copy, Paste, Merge, Insert, Cut, Delete and Clear

Software Features
This software will get you started with PLC WorkShop. Even though you should development at a rate at ease for you, we suggest following the outline of manual in your move toward to programming. Go forward throughout in this order will help to make sure a more well-organized use of the software. The manual outline, include:
• Programming
• Documentation
• PLC WorkShop Basics
• PLC WorkShop Setup
• PLC Configuration
Approaching the software will also help to discover PLC WorkShop’s potential features that involves:
• View and edit of multiple window;
• Flexibility of program setup;
• Admittance to ladder logic throughout cross reference;
• Read, write, and force addresses from the Data Window;
• Options of multiple documentation; and
• Keyboard for support tor all command and function.
PLC WorkShop Started
You can start PLC WorkShop by doing one of the below following actions after installing PLC WorkShop:
• Double-click with the left mouse button on the icon of PLC WorkShop or
• To activate the group box of PLC WorkShop, press Ctrl+F6., Press the Tab key if necessary to emphasize the icon of PLC WorkShop then press Enter.
• Choose the FasTrak SoftWorks group under the menu programs. Then double click on the icon of PLC WorkShop.

When loads the PLC WorkShop you will show the copyright screen of PLC WorkShop. If the PLC WorkShop does not notice a FasTrak-KEY, check to observe that the FasTrak-KEY is: • Linked
• Linked to a port of parallel; or
• Linked to a port of parallel before other devices.


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