Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alternative Techniques to Transfer the Variables of 2541 PLC

There are another techniques that can be applied to transfer variables to the standby PLC as an alternative of mapping them into the address space of I/O. The RPM can move V memory blocks with multiple scans. This might be allowed with the program of configuration. The links of high-speed between the PLCs might be configured with the 505-CP2572 or the 2573- MOD or the 2573-TCM2 to transfer memory blocks to the standby PLC.

Transferring V memory’s task codes
This is simply allowed in the RPM configuration program. Choose the V memory block to move and the locations number to transfer. The RPM will use the task codes of NITP in the time slice of communications of the remote I/O transfer to move the V memory block to the standby PLC. This process can transfer 50-100 words each PLC scan. 15 is a minimum value or 8000 is a maximum value might be entered in the 2541configuration.

Client operation of Ethernet TCP/IP
The 505-CP2572 might be utilized in client mode to transfer V memory blocks at a much quicker rate between the PLCs. Remote programming through Ethernet as well as interface functions of operator might be added using this technology.

Events software tracking in the 2541 PLC
The configuration software of 2541 also might provide as a diagnostics tool to help the control engineer when startup and during conditions of switchover. Power on the control system and confirm that the software diagnostics identifies the standby and active PLCs.

Observe the event log for switchover
The event log is practical in decisive the reason that a switchover happens. Use the buried switch on the RPM front to move to the standby PLC. The RPM will move the I/O control to the standby PLC if this has been allowed for the period of configuration. This can be observed in the event log.

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