Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PLC using EasyPort USB

The principle of EasyPort USB is simple: the interface of USB is linked to the PC. The connection to the equipment of automation is through standard SysLink connectors. The signals of input and output can thus be interpret into and output from a PC. So that EasyPort can get used to diverse situations, it has developed software for the drivers of device with a graphical user interface, through which connections can be created.

The process models of numerous practical can be managed with the PLC simulation software of EasyVeep® and EasyPort incorporated in scope of delivery. The models are recognized and meet a requirement of broad range. The themes covered contain the following:
• Sluice chambers
• Washing machines
7 segment display
• Garage doors
• Systems of Sorting

EasyPort USB 548687 Also order:
With a real process or SimuBox for EasyPort:
• Analogue cable of parallel 529141
• I/O data cable with the connectors of IEEE 488 SysLink at both ends 3 4031 For EasyPort with a real PLC:
• I/O data cable with the connectors of IEEE 488 SysLink at both ends 167106

Generously wirable, for EasyPort, with any PLC:
• Data cable I/O with one connectors of IEEE 488 SysLink and open cable end sleeves 16712

For EasyPort with a PLC board:
• crossover cable data I/O, with 167197terminal socket
For EasyPort with a real PLC or SimuBox:
• Unit with universal connection, digital (SysLink) 162231
• Adapter of EasyPort for plate of slotted profile 549806
• Crossover cable Analogue 533039
• Starter kit of PLC 543081

Technical data
Power supply 24 V through separate screw terminals or through the connectors of SysLink Interface to PC.
• 115 kbaud transmission speed
• Analogue interface: 4 inputs analogue, 2 outputs analogue, socket of sub-D 15-pin, resolution of 12 bit,
• sample frequency 0.5 kHz
• 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs on 2 x 24-pin digital interface
• Sockets of Centronics with 8 digital outputs (24 V), 8 digital inputs each (24 V).
• Large LCD display.
• Controllable through Activ-X control from Visual Basic Labview, or C++.

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