Sunday, June 5, 2011

Connecting the TEGAM Model 1750 to a PLC or PC

TEGAM Model 1750 Replaces Electro Scientific Series
The 1700 Series Digital Ohmmeter is manufactured originally by Electro Scientific Industries, but currently made by TEGAM, Inc. has been the standard for measurement of high-speed resistance in applications of production for many years. Nowadays, the faster, newer, cheaper and more reliable Measurement System of Model 1750 Resistance from TEGAM is the favored upgrade or replacement for all 1700 Series instruments, involving the 1715 Limits Comparator, 1701B, 1705B, plus the SP3779B Model. The 1750 Model integrates all these features, thus reducing a separate (1715) box of comparator and added connections to the controller system.

The Challenge: Upgrade to the Model 1750 without replacing the test system controller
It is desirable highly to achieve this without substitute the controller system, normally a PLC in making the switch to a Model 1750 in an application of production. Opportunely, the 1750 has been planned as a straight upgrade for the older 1700 series. The functions and features of the 1750 have to be understood to create the transition as seamless as possible and take advantage of its new abilities.

App Note Scope and Purpose
This note of application covers the links and settings essential on a Model 1750 to create a smooth conversion from the older 1700 Series. The app note focus is the 1750 operation with a PLC in an application of production that will benefit from the relay of unit’s HI-LO-GO output feature, and its comparator function. These are explained for both connections of triggered and non-triggered. The note of app also explains the signals nearby at various ports of Model 1750 I/O and pins. The 1750 Model may be utilized in both applications of triggered and non-triggered that presently use the 1700 Series, or in related systems. Use the suitable link for your system.

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