Sunday, June 5, 2011

Armfield PCT19BRIndustrial PLC Unit

The Industrial PLC Unit of Armfield PCT19BR employs the largely utilized Allen Bradley SLC500, jointly with appropriate hardware and software connections to enable a multichannel well-matched with chosen instructional tools from the range Armfield. The Unit recognizes up to 8 digital and 6 analogue input signals and offers 8 digital and 2 analogue output signals for use in configuring numerous of control loops for demonstration and study.

• Integrates Industrial PLC of Allen Bradley SLC500 with digital and analogue inputs and outputs
• PID of analogue input with alarm and analogue output
• PID of Analogue input with time and analogue proportioned output
• Dual and single loops
• Serial communications RS485 and RS232
• Software of ladder logic programming through PC with or without process linked

Software of Ladder logic is offered on disk to allow the unit to run as:
1. controllers with two independent analogue PID
2. digital alarm inclusion on one of the PID loops
3. digital output of time -proportioning on one of the loops

Users may adjust or redraft the ladder logic from a PC. Two incorporated physically modifiable voltage sources are offered on the front panel to utilize as inputs to study and show ladder logic, with an integrated LCD voltmeter to check outputs. A 9-pin serial cable is given for connection to a PC, as is a connector with 6-pin DIN to get power from hardware of Armfield process.

Allen Bradley SLC500 including:
● RAM 4k with SL5/02 CPU
● I/O rack with 7 slot
● Power supply with 110/240V ac
● Analog combination module with 2 input - 2 output
● Input card with 4 way analogue
● TTL input module with 16 ways
● Relay output module with 8 ways
● Interface of KE communications

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