Sunday, June 5, 2011

Special PLC Features

When talking about PLC system, people should realize that the PLC features are different from other regular machineries. Unlike the other regular computers, the PLC computers are designed and built to meet the requirements of strong and sturdy computer system in order to help industry managing big load process. PLC system has been used in many industry and machines nowadays. It’s mostly used in factory assembly process, lighting fixtures, and amusement rides. The program to control everything is stored within the memory; whether it’s battery or non volatile. The functions of PLC system has developed into relay control, process control, motion control, and networking.

The Specialty of PLC Features
Why are PLC features different from the other regular computers’, anyway? Well, first of all, PLC system itself is different from other systems. Based on the name, programmable logic controller, its main purpose is to make the machineries work automatically. Second, unlike the other regular computers which are fragile, the computers for PLC system are sturdier and stronger. Since the computers are built to be placed in harsh environment and condition, they’re resistant to dust, moisture, heat, cold, shock, and vibration. That’s why it’s not advisable to use regular desktop computer to handle the PLC monitoring and programming because the desktop computers won’t be able to manage it. Third, the PLC system uses different operating system which usually uses logic system. That’s why it’s almost impossible to use regular computer and regular system to handle all PLC work.

Other PLC Features
There’re still many various PLC features that differentiate the system from the regular computer system. PLC computers usually have several built in input and output ports to enable easier process. It’s possible to use expansion ports if the built in mode isn’t enough. PLC system still needs human connection and communication in programming, controlling, and monitoring. That’s why PLC computer has the so called GUI, or Graphic User Interface, and HMI, or Human Machine Interface. PLC computer also has communication ports so that it can communicate with humans through the network or communicate with other system. It usually has BACnet, Modbus, or Ethernet ports to make the communication aim run well. And the last, PLC system programming isn’t done directly in the PLC computer. It’s done in regular computer before it’s downloaded or transmitted to PLC computer.

Now, it’s clear why PLC system is different from other computer system. It’s designed for special task, so the overall design is also different. When people want to make changes or adjustment to the system, they need to hire PLC experts to do the work because they’re the one who are familiar with all PLC features.

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