Saturday, June 4, 2011

Automated Real-Time Test System (ARTTS) Operation

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
The Automated Real-Time Test System (ARTTS) of user interface is through a color screen computer monitor, computer keyboard, and mouse. A user can monitor and control all the PSS (Personnel Safety System) system functions by make active the appropriate switches on the control panel user and then monitoring the system function through LED outputs by using graphical user interface of PICS HMI.

Test Planning
A user can setup or make active groups of test to operate by choosing test plan from the menu of TestDirector’s. Once chosen a tests batch can be operated by simply selecting Run Test from the menu of TestDirector’s. This step activates WinRunner automatically to perform the chosen test scripts.

Test Results
Implementation tests results are confirmed within Test Director by choosing the icon labeled “Details” from the menu. The each test results will be scheduled as failed or passed along with the time and date of each test execution.

ARTTS (Automated Real-Time Test System) System Performance
The system of ARTTS (Automated Real-Time Test System) was very successful decreasing the total of time required to execute PSS (Personnel Safety System) testing. For instance, the system of Automated Real-Time Test System (ARTTS) decreased the overall of time required to process a group of 72 test cases from around 4 hours of testing manual to 1 hour and 36 minutes of testing automated. Generally, the system of Automated Real-Time Test System (ARTTS) reached a 1 minute and 20 seconds execution time per test case. In addition, as an additional test coverage result of the ARTTS (Automated Real-Time Test System) system significantly increased the PSS (Personnel Safety System) software reliability.
ARTTS (Automated Real-Time Test System) System advantages vs disadvantages
• Decreased development time
• Build the system simply
• The test coverage is better
• Scalable
• Most important of decrease in time required to authenticate a group of test cases
• It is available software commercially
• It is available hardware commercially
• It needs to use 5 different of software packages.
• With multiple software packages, management configuration is more a challenge

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