Saturday, June 4, 2011

Testing Technology of PSS System

In this article will tell how the procedures of PSS (Personnel Safety System) system requirements and validation were prepared using the methodology of Vali/Test Pro. The Vali/Test Pro is a methodology that developed by Interim Technology Co. and is broadly utilized in the testing industry as a means to give a visual advance to authenticating a system requisite coverage or application of software. This methodology offered us with the earnings to decay documents requirement of PSS (Personnel Safety System) system to the intermediate, high and detail levels. Additionally, we decayed the procedures of validation for one PSS (Personnel Safety System) beam line into testing units called test cases, builds, and test runs. After that, we planned each level of requirement to its respective unit testing in a matrix of validation in sequence to measure the test coverage.

A matrix of validation for each level of test requirements was built to map each requirements level to its test respective level. Below we identify the different condition levels and testing units to characterize each validation matrix type.
• The requirements of high level: They stand for the largest system functions categories, for example business processes, including data capture and data entry, exception and normal processing, and updates database.
• The requirements of intermediate level: These are devices of the high-level requirements, frequently at the batch processing or transaction level. They may contain actions sequences to be taken, information to be associated messages showed, and error routines.
• The requirements of Detail Level: They are the exact steps in processing of application, for example action error messages steps on the edit criteria, definitions of field, and calculations.
• Constructs: A logically complete separation of a request that can be experienced independently, and then incorporated and tested with other builds.
• Test Runs: They consist of a related test cases set that are utilized to authenticate the necessities at the intermediate level.
• The requirements of Matrix Validation: It is about table which offers a reference between test case specifications and system’s requirements.

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