Saturday, June 4, 2011

Facts and Development of PLC

If business people want to have better performance in business process and production, they should need to think about improving the performance of their PLC system and program. Today industry and production depend so much on technology, including the automation process. PLC or programmable logic controller is a digital computer that is used to make machineries work automatically. Without PLC, all production process will take very long time to complete, not to mention also abundant men power to finish everything.

PLC Principle and Function
The PLC technology has been implemented and used in various fields and areas, such as health, industry, and entertainment. The basic principle of PLC system is the electromechanical process automation, which is usually implemented in the lighting fixtures, amusement rides, and factory assembly process. The PLC system is different from the regular computer system. Not only the software setting and configuration are different, the hardware performance isn’t similar either. The computer used on PLC system is sturdier and stronger. It’s resistant to almost anything; starting from noise and temperature to shock and moisture. It also incorporates special arrangement for input and output. The input must go along with the process so that the desired output can be generated. In simpler explanation, people usually say that PLC basic principle is by gathering data (the input) and producing the desired result (output) with the help of the programs (logic).

PLC Features
As it was mentioned before, PLC computer is different from regular computer based on its durability and strength. PLC also uses different programs and operating system. There’re also many more characteristics of the PLC system, such as:
• It has special and particular arrangement for the input and output. It’s also possible to have external input and output module attached to the computer.
• It still needs human connection and communication for programming, monitoring, and controlling. That’s why the PLC system has the so called HMI or Human Machine Interface and GUI or Graphic User Interface, which uses buttons and light to communicate with human.
• The program is downloaded into the PLC system once it’s finished being set up and configured by experts.

Having PLC system and program is such an advantage because it does provide help and better working advantages for human activities when it is being used in any kinds of situation. Without any PLC system, we wouldn’t have large mass production or enjoyment from the amusement rides.

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