Saturday, June 4, 2011

Software and Hardware Tool Integration of PSS System

Fully automated, the Personnel Safety System (PSS) testing needed the incorporation of four software tools onto a single platform of computer alongside with a fifth tool that was setup to run on a different computer notebook. Collectively the tools of software offered the following functions:
1) PLC (programmable logic controllers) for Real time I/O simulation,
2) User control panels of HMI (Human Machine Interface),
3) Windows based applications with GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing,
4) Defect tracking, graphical test planning, and batch testing,
5) Allen Bradley PLC’s with PLC fault code verification for,
6) GE PLC’s with PLC fault code verification.

The tools of software chosen to do the system functions above as following:
• PICS (Programmable Industrial Control Simulation) software offered an I/O simulator and real-time HMI for control system of testing PLC-based.
• Software WinRunner offered a tool of functional testing created primarily to test GUI (graphical user interfaces) of Windows base applications. It was utilized in the system of Automated Real-Time Test System (ARTTS) to test and confirm the PSS (Personnel Safety System) system’s I/O state.
• The software of test Director module offered an interface, graphical test planning, batch testing, and defect tracking to the WinRunner module.
• A/B RSLogic tool created mainly to download software to A/B’s PLC’s and to confirm mistakes and job states in the PSS (Personnel Safety System) system Chain B.
• A GE State Logic software tool that offered the resources to confirm mistakes and job states in the PSS (Personnel Safety System) system Chain A.

The hardware makes up the system of Automated Real-Time Test System (ARTTS) prototype as following:
• CPU of Gateway GP7-500 – 500 MHZ,
• RAM with 1GB capacity,
• HD IDE with 20 GB capacity,
• Network Interface Cards with 10/100 MB/s
• Nokia 17 inch Monitor
• Rack of Allen Bradley PLC-5/30: power supply of A/B 120 VAC, CPU of A/B PLC-5/30,
• Rack of GE Fanuc Series 90-70: power supply of series 90-70, CPU of State Logic, Ethernet interface.
• Hub of Unicom Dyna-net/4 Null

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