Friday, June 3, 2011

Personnel Safety System (PSS) Based PLC Control System

Today many the testing systems of automated real-time for embedded systems were expanded using high cost custom software and hardware. In this article it describes how to use commercially existing software and hardware to design and build up a test system of automated real-time for Embedded PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Based Control Systems. The system development started with the VALI/TEST Pro testing methodology implementation as a resources for structuring the testing. It was able to decay the documents of system requirement for a PSS (Personnel Safety System) into its detail, high, and intermediate level requirements using this methodology. After that, the justification procedures for the system of PSS were decomposed into units testing called as builds, test runs, and test cases.

To calculate test coverage of the PSS system’s, three levels system requirements were planned to their particular unit level of test with an especially built validation matrix that was considered to handle over 150 test requirements and cases. All of the effort led to the progress of an ARTTS (Automated Real-Time Test System) that is accomplished of executing testing in real-time for Embedded PLC Based Control Systems. The system of PSS (Personnel Safety System) under test and stated in this article is placed at the APS (Advanced Photon Source).

The operation theory of a PSS (Personnel Safety System) for which the prototype ARTTS (Automated Real-Time Test System) System was designed to test.
PSS System Description
It represents a characteristic configuration of “Station A”, that is a main component of the generally PSS system. Note down that the general function of a PSS system by definition is a stand-alone, highly reliable, fail-safe, redundant system that strictly control and monitor persons access into Experimental Stations which is probably hazardous. It is also dependable for decreasing hazards to lessen harm to workers alongside direct radiation of X-ray from the Source of Advanced Photon.

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