Friday, June 3, 2011

Facts about PLC Application

People may not realize that they’ve dealt with various kinds of PLC application in their lives. They deal with the real device so often that they take it for granted. But without any PLC program or system, people won’t have such easy and comfortable life like now. What will they do if they have to produce large mass products without the help of automatic machineries? What kind of enjoyment would they do when there’s no such thing as amusement park because there’s no amusement ride they can use?

Basic Principle and Concept of PLC and PLC Application
PLC or programmable logic controller is a digital computer which is used for automated machineries. In short, it’s a computer program that is used to make all machineries run automatically. What’s the different of this PLC with the regular computer? The PLC computer is designed to meet special and particular requirements of being immune to electrical noise, being resistant to impact and vibration, being adjustable to various temperature changes, and being customable for various arrangements of input and output. The basic principle of PLC system is that it gathers data and produce desired result based on the program the electrician has set up. The PLC system works by putting in the input and producing output with the help of series of programmable logic. Everything inside the system needs to work together because if the input doesn’t go along with the programmable logic, for example, the desired output won’t happen. The PLC application has extended to various fields and subjects like industry, health, and factory.

Requirement in PLC Application
PLC computer is basically just similar like the desktop computer. However, it’s not advisable to use desktop regular computer for PLC application because the hardware requirements isn’t suitable. PLC computer is designed and built to be tough and resistant to severe conditions. The PLC computers are resistant to shock, bump, dust, humidity, moisture, heat, and cold, unlike the regular computer. Moreover, the regular operating system won’t go along with logic execution needed by the PLC operation. However, it’s possible to use desktop PLC application in small facilities where the condition and environment is less critical and demanding, such as in laboratory. It can be done when several adjustments have been made toward the computer.

Having PLC system is certainly advantageous and beneficial, although it’s quite costly. People who want to use the system need to determine the importance of PLC application in accordance to the suitable field and subject.

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