Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Core Technology of FBs-PLC of SoC FATEK's

The design of FBs-PLC’s integrates a “System on Chips“(SoC) built in-house by Fatek Corporation. The chip contains more than 120,000 gates that incorporates powerful features for example a Hardware Logic Solver, CPU, four sets of high-speed counters or timers hardware, five ports of high-speed communication, four high speed pulse outputs axes for NC positioning control 16 high-speed break offs or confined inputs. The FBs stands for high reliability and functionality with excellent value compared to other brand PLC’s in its class.

Instruction sets with user friendly and powerful
The FBs-PLC contains more than 300 instructions which implements a user friendly and multi- structure of output function, with multi-input structure of instruction can develop many functionality types which other PLC’s brands may need the use of a lot of instructions to get this. Also the result of operation can be sent directly to external or internal outputs. The inputs or outputs for every function instruction contain their own symbol of mnemonic connected and the substance of every operand is also showed to increase the program readability. For applications of high-end, for example NC positioning, PLC networking (LINK), and PID control etc, the FBs-PLC offers committed suitable instructions to help in program development.

Communication function
The FBs-PLC’s communication ability is excellent with all five ports working at a maximum speed of 921.6Kbps through the five ports of high-speed communication involved in the SoC. Communications can be accomplished using double-speed binary code or the ASCII code. Modbus TCP or ASCII or RTU or user-definable protocol are also accessible along with FATEK's standard protocol. The FBs.-PLC also offers the choice of eight different communication modules and six different communication boards for a variety of types of applications communication. Every communication port presents standard with LED indicators for reception (RX) and transmission (TX) to allow the user to control the operation.


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