Thursday, June 16, 2011

Integrated High-Speed Counters of FBs –PLC

The FBs-PLC as standard has up to 4 HHSC(hardware high-speed counters) sets and 4 SHSC (software high-speed counters) sets. The HHSC highest counting frequency is 920KHz (MN) or 200KHz (MC). Every HHSC also has a mask and clear function. There are 8 counting modes which creates the HHSC very efficient and powerful. For instance, if the encoder, operating at 200 pulses per revolution, takes on A/Bx4 mode the FBs-PLC can reach the same outcome that a 800 pulses per revolution encoder can offer. The counter is applied in the hardware so as not to engage processing time of CPU.

Positioning Language of Dedicated NC and PLC & NC Control
NC Position Control is integrated into the FBs-PLC SoC which incorporates PLC+NC control into one unit in sequence for resources sharing and decreasing the data exchange requirement. The position control of NC adopts special positioning command language, which lets programming by electrical or mechanical units and updating control parameters during execution. One single unit includes up to four outputs axes with a maximum frequency is 920KHz (MN) or 200KHz (MC) and prepared with multi-axial dynamic tracking and linear interpolation. If joint with the four built-in HHSC sets, it can reach positioning control with closed loop accuracy.

HST (High-speed timers)
The FBs-PLC is the PLC that only offering 0.1milliseconds of high-speed timers in this class or the FBs-PLC has one of 16-bit and four sets of 32-bit HST. Presently, the high speed timers fastest time base applied in other brands of PLC’s is 1mS. By integrating the break off function of the FBs-PLC the precision of 0.1mS time base FBs-PLC high-speed timer is extra improved and can easily reach more accurate speed detection or can be applied as a frequency meter. On the whole, expensive equipment can be substituted using the economical FBs-PLC.

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