Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FP2 Smart PLC with Numerous Functions

CPU types are offered according to the function.
The CPU unit’s features seven types including the CPU unit of standard type. This guarantees the lots effective use and avoids the high expenses of purchasing the CPU unit and high-function units individually. The CPU with incorporated network function allows the simple, decentralized controller concept construction.

The program capacity and control points number of PLC.
If the type of 14-module is utilized in the expansion backplane and master backplane, the maximum control I/Os number is 1,600. The maximum of 8,192 points can be controlled, when remote I/O is used. The CPU has a 30ns high speed processing per basic instruction, which is at the fastest in its class.
Easy programming
• FP2 is programmable PLC with Control NAiS
• Help files and comprehensive documentation

Powerful and Intelligent instruction set
• The FP2 applies the powerful and proven instruction set used by the Programmable Controllers of Matsushita FP Series.
• Additionally, the FP2 has some powerful and new instructions, for example:
- Math of Floating-Point
- Communication of string instruction
- Instructions of PID Control

Full-scale information networks of FP2 PLC
The network of MEWNET-W contains PLCs linked by twisted pair cable to allow data transfer and sharing between PLCs. The network of MEWNET-F contains stations of I/O slave linked by two-wire cable which allows control of remote I/O from the PLC.
• Ethernet
The unit of ET-LAN connects the system of FP2 to the Industrial Ethernet of bus system. This allows access to all appliances of the controller at a rate of max. 100 Mbps.
The master units of PROFIBUS FMS/DP allow the interfaces of open communication.
The FP2 CPU with incorporated the interface of S-LINK has two terminal ports, the module of S-LINK communication has one port.

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