Thursday, June 23, 2011

Positioning Control of FP2 PLC

High-resolution positioning
The positioning unit of FP2 Series has a maximum 4Mpps pulse output and initiates at a high speed of 0.005msec - from the positioning command response from the CPU to the pulse generation. This aids to reach time reduction, low-cost tact and accurate positioning control. The positioning units of FP2-PP4 can control 4 axes in a unit.

Analogue control
The system can do all analogue equipment types with range switching. A resistance thermometer or thermocouple bulb can also be linked directly. The FP2 Series comprises a CPU unit and analogue input and output units set with a port of analogue I/O containing four range-switchable inputs and one output. The system is consequently able to do all analogue control types.

Communication functions
All units of CPU in the FP2 Series have a port of RS232C as standard. This enables a direct link to be made with a PC or a panel of operation display. The interface can also be applied for data transmission to remote locations and upgrading and program amendment if a modem is linked. If the unit of C-NET is joined to the port of RS232C, data can easily be switched over between various PLCs.

PCWAY allows to collect simple information
Data can be simply collected in the PLC by the Excel of “PCWAY” add-in utility. Additionally to straight connections with a PLC and computer, “PCWAY” can also get information from PLCs network or via modem.

Communication port
Both the port of COM (RS232C) and the port of TOOL (RS232C) presented as a standard feature which support communication at 115.2Kbps. This allows high-speed communication when connected to external devices and when transferring programs.

Ample program capacity
Additionally to 16k steps of the ample program capacity for normal use, expansion memory can be applied to expand the program capacity to 32k steps.

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