Thursday, June 23, 2011

System Components of 8226 0820 PLC Training Package

The system contains the following component to offer training package of hassle-free.
Mobile of Workstation Stationary
• Workplace with self-contained to be utilized in connection with the essential equipment in electro-pneumatics and pneumatics.
• Height: min. 1500 mm, Width: min. 1500 mm, Depth: min. 500 mm.
• Involves frame of ER mounting for electrical installation.
• Profile Plate of Aluminums: the size of surface area: min. 500 mm x 1000 mm.
• Structural channels for training components secure and safe mounting.
• The plate using anodized with grid dimension of 50 mm.
• The cabinets of drawer with min. 4 drawers each. Finishing with Mild steel in epoxy.
• Laboratory cables with cable guide.

Unit of Power Supply
• For providing current and voltage to all components of electronic and electrical.
• A relay contact assurances immediate break off the voltage output during the mains voltage is cut off. Additionally, a relay of thermal overload is incorporated in the unit.
• of input: 115/230 V
• The voltage of output: 24 V DC
• The current of output: max. 4.5 A
• Cable connection: min. 1.3 m
• Dimensions: Approx. 200 x 120 x 160 mm,

Universal cable PC adapter
• With USB cable or RS232 cable for software of Win 2000/XP.
Interfaces Unit
• To incorporated analogue and digital inputs and outputs.
• Sockets with min. 2 SysLink to each IEEE 488 for digital inputs and outputs.
• Connector of 15-pin Sub-D for inputs/outputs analogue.
• 24 V operating voltage of safety sockets.
• Additional Profibus- DP interface or MPI interface for CPU S7.
• The connection socket of AS-interface (reserved for ASi).
• A CD-ROM contained in the delivery scope includes examples for STEP 7 training, Profibus-DP and AS-interface as well as explains on valve terminals (DE), ASinterface, and distributed automation with Profibus- DP.
• CD-ROM Documentation.

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