Friday, June 24, 2011

Specifications of TymaexTM 8226 0820 PLC

The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) of TymaexTM 8226 0820 Trainer is a tool to lecture students or participants to understand the PLC working principle. The trainer of PLC is planned to be a system complete to teach the participants or students how a function of PLC and to program a PLC with Sequential Function Chart, ladder diagram, Instruction List, Structured Text, and Function Block Diagram. The software of Programming support the following features:
• Ladder Diagram
• Sequential Function Chart
• Structured Text
• Function Block Diagram
• Instruction List

The specifications of Programmable Logic Control (PLC) with:
• Ethernet interface in FEC Control.
• Mounting: incorporated clip for frame of ER mounting or adapters of plug-in for panel profile.
• The connection of electrical by standard 4 mm plugs or min. 4 mm safety plugs.
• The terminal output: status indicated by LED's with min. 8 output.
• The terminal Input: status indicated by LED's with min. 12 inputs.
• Processor: Intel 80186 compatible with min. AM 186 (20 MHz).
• Program memory: Cycles of reading/writing >100,000 with min. 256 kB 16 bit flash.
• Working memory: 16 bit SRAM with min. 256 kB.
• Data storage: retentive data 2 kB in flash memory with min. 32 kB.
• Program storage: flash memory with min. 32 kB.
• Interface Programming: opto isolated in RS232 3-wire 9600 baud.
• Counter : min. 256 and Timer : min. 256
• Another function: Program check, self diagnostic function, Memory protection, and memory back up.
• The voltage of Input/Output: 24 V DC
• Unit has power rail and earth rail bus
• The voltage of operating: 24 V DC
• Inputs - NPN or PNP switchable (optional)
• Programming interface of RS232 or Ethernet
• Documentation contained programming software and programming cable.

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