Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I/O Addresses Module of CTI 2500 PLC

Transfer option address space of WX/WY V Memory
This alternative permits the transfer block of V memory from the main PLC to the Standby PLC via multiple PLC scans. This way may be utilized to move data that has been considered by the user as non-important data. This way is slower than the important data transfer which uses “virtual” WY and WX locations to move data on each PLC scan, but is sufficient for transferring the most data in most applications. The memory of V transfer alternative does not need any extra ladder logic to implement, as the important data move method does.

Enable configuration changes of cycle power on RPM
Since all updates have been finished in the RPM, power should be sequenced to the module of RPM. Firmware discharge V1.4 and higher also permit the module of RPM to be rearrange from the software of configuration. Use APT, TiSoft, or Workshop to configure rest system after the RPM is configured fully, the module have to be reset to fill the parameters configuration into RAM. Using the programming software of PLC, APT, TiSoft, or Workshop, the PLC system rest can be early. There are some functions of library existing from third parties (ISD) to support the programming software of APT.

Log the RPM and the rest of the PLC I/O
The RPM registers into the PLC as an optional virtual remote bases and Home base. Make sure that the software programming and the PLC know the RPM by issuing a command of READ Base. The data recorded for the any optional virtual base and Home base should tally precisely with the information saved in the RPM with the software configuration. Arrange the addresses I/O of every module in the home base and every module in any virtual base with the programming software.

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