Monday, June 20, 2011

UniOP and Taian PLC Connection

The operator panels of UniOP can be linked to the PLC of Taian TP02 directly to the port of PLC programming. Other option UniOP can be also connected to the port of auxiliary RS-422 existing in all PLC models.

Connecting to the Port of MMI (Programming)
The port of MMI (Programming Port of the PLC of TP02 has two different operation modes):
• Mode of PG (programming)
• Mode of computer link
UniOP can only communicate in the mode of Computer link. Choice of the port of operating mode has to be done using two signals of the port of communication: connecting pin 4 and pin 5 of the connector will choose the mode of Computer link for the port.

The port communication parameters in the mode of Computer link has to be constructed with System Registers in the PLC. The parameters of default communication of UniOP are describe as following:
Stop bits: 1
Baud rate: 19200
Parity: none
Data bits: 8
PLC slave id: 1
UniOP is NOT support communication with no parity and 7 data bits.
To construct the same parameters of communication in the PLC, the set-up of system registers is required as following:
• Register Content: WS041 01000
Description: Setup of Programming Port (it is applicable only while the port is in Mode of Computer Link)
• Register Content: WS042 00001
Description: Number of Slave-station. The value of 0 means Broadcast.

All System Registers are retune to zero when the PLC is switched on for the first time. The values displayed in the table have to be written to the PLC with the programming software of Taian TP12. Use the option menu ‘Edit/System Memory’ of the programming software of Taian TP12 to set the System Registers content. The System Memory Content has to be moved to the PLC to be effective.

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