Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MicroSmart Series PLC from IDEC

IDEC Corporation is an initiator in the field of micro-PLC, they offer programmable logic controllers (PLCs) of MicroSmart series, the newest in the PLCs Micro family. These adaptable, flexible PLCs are as solid as they are powerful, so you can make the system you want without rising your budget or your space requirements.

The Right CPU For You
CPUs of MicroSmart are offered in two modules types, All-in-One and Slim. The type of All-in-One has models with 24, 16, or 10 I/O points; the type of Slim is offered in two 40 I/O modules and four different 20 I/O modules. Each module of CPU is only 70mm deep and90mm in height, but it has incorporated inputs and outputs as good as standard features such as counters with high-speed, and an analog potentiometer. Select the CPU that’s right for you and see what MicroSmart must offer.

Expand Your Control
The type of Slim and the 24 I/O All-in-One type CPUs can increase into the perfect system using the elective development modules. Require More outputs? more inputs? Some of both? There are 18 existing expansion modules, including four modules of analog I/O. You can make a system with as many as 264 I/O points depending on your CPU.

Customize Your System
When you have all the control you want, choose the features you need. Save and transfer programs on the cartridge of memory or install a clock of real-time and calendar cartridge. Add another port of communications or a module of HMI — it’s all likely with MicroSmart. Make the ideal solution for all of your appliances, precisely the way you need it.

Pulse Output/Trapezoidal Control
Autonomous dual-axis control is offered with two pulse outputs. The values of locational can be simply defined for accurate positional (trapezoidal) control.
* Output instruction of pulse
* Instruction of PWM

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