Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PLC CPU with Safety Signal Function

An appliance tool is prepared with a variety of supplementary devices, as well as servo axes that operate as its basic mechanism. As the devices motions are controlled by ladder programs, better ladder presentation can straight decrease the tact time. Joint with a high-speed PLC CPU and integrating a bus of high-speed multi-CPU into the unit base, the C70 has a lot larger capability. For example, the scan time ladder is currently 20 to 30 times quicker and M code processing is 3 to 5 times quicker than the previous Series of C6/C64, thus dropping tact time. Moreover, its processing capability of machining program blocks has been twice compared with the Series of C6/C64.

The PLC CPU has been integrated with the function of safety signal into the C70 in reaction to increasing demands for safety, additionally to the offered speed observation function supported by the Series of Mitsubishi CNC 700. This offered speed observation function makes sure safe operation machine even while the protection door of machine is kept open. To use this protection function, the state signals of the door must be input to both the module of CNC CPU and module drive. Then every module checks the signals throughout two diverse routes. The machine is let to operate when the door is open at a prearranged safe speed. Likewise, motor speed is experimental by a module drive and module of CNC CPU throughout two diverse routes. If each module notices a motor operating at a speed above the prearranged safe speed, the motor will be instantaneously commanded to slow down, and will stop and go through the power-shutdown state.

PLC CPU and CNC CPU can check the signals through two diverse routes with this new function. Immediately either CPU notices any mismatch signal, the motor will slow down, stop and go through the power-shutdown state. The observation function of safety signal lets this safety system type configuration to be offered without costly safe relays, while before it was probable only with particular hardware. This drastically decreases machine cost.

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