Wednesday, June 8, 2011

POWERTRANS Operational principle for PLC

The interface of POWERTRANS® Ib is linked to the solid basic unit by optical fibers. This presents the benefit that only the interface will have to be substituted if the available interface is changed. Furthermore the basic unit can be eliminated from the interface, which is frequently located near a PLC. The signals of PLC are disconnected electrically from transferring and receiving by means components of Opto-coupling. Every unit such as, basic unit, interface and pair of optical fibers involves a sender and a receiver.

The sender enlarges the level of signal of the interface signal from unit A to ± 70 V for correlation to the matching transmission medium. The unit B receiver decreases the level of signal back to the suitable interface level. The support units are different serial data forms, for example RS 232, RS 485, RS 422, or DH+. All admissions and/or exits are resistant of short circuit. For maximum cable lengths use twisted of two-wire and protected cables along with the PLC manufacturer specifications. A DH+-clamp or 9-pole Sub-D offers for the different coupling interface signals.

Generally the rate of transmission should be as low as possible, according to the application. The specific response times determination and replicate times during the Bus system programming by the operator in addition supports a data safe transmission.
POWERTRANS® Ib systems are used for Conductor bars in
• Systems of Transport
• Conveyor systems of hand-operated overhead
• Systems Handling
• Warehouses high storage
• Systems Crane
• Hoists
Currents or voltages of the data signals on Bus systems are frequently too low to reach a trouble-free and reliable data transmission. The surfaces of sliding contact tend to shape oxide layers and may reason short-time interruptions. To reach constant and low contact resistance between current collector and contact surfaces, POWERTRANS® Ib adds to the data signals power level.

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