Thursday, June 9, 2011

Everything about PLC Computer

There’s no doubt that PLC computer is one of the most important devices in managing big mass production and process. Without any PLC computer, it’s impossible to handle all the mass production scale by hand. It’s also impossible to have whatever types of work management or enjoyment activities since there won’t be any machine that can do the work.

The Basic Operation of PLC Computer
PLC computer is different from the regular computer. Based on the name, Programmable Logic Controller, this type of computer is designed and built to handle automation process. There’re three main basic elements this computer has: the input, the logic, and the output. The input is all the information the computer receives. The logic is the program used. The output is the desired result. When the computer is set up according to the program, it requires the right input in order to produce the desired result. If one of the elements isn’t suitable or doesn’t go along well with the other elements, the desired result won’t happen.

The History of PLC Computer
The design and ideas of PLC computer originally came from automotive industry where the car manufacturers were overwhelmed with the abundance process of production and update. It was already difficult to handle the manufacturing process; let alone handling the updating process too. Without the automatic machineries, everything was done by human work, which wasn’t efficient at all. It was also complicated, time consuming, and expensive. The first PLC system was created by Bedford Associates and since then the system has developed. The fist system was using ladder logic, but then it has been developed into state logic, ladder logic, and also BASIC and C.

Nowadays PLC system has been used and implemented in many fields, not just the automotive. The main user of PLC system is especially heavy weight industry, although there’s also smaller PLC system and application that is used in small scale industry or in less severe environment, such as the laboratory or small scale production. PLC system has also reached into entertainment industry. Amusement parks with their rides are using this PLC system. Without the system, it’s impossible to have such rides. PLC computer and system is different from the regular computer. It’s stronger and sturdy because it needs to be resistant against dust, heat, cold, moisture, shock, and vibration. It also uses different operating system. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the PLC computer before installing or changing anything.

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