Thursday, June 9, 2011

MELSEC Q Series PLC CPU for CNC Application

A recently developed, high-speed the functions of PLC CPU as the C70's series controller, bringing world-leading series presentation, and which can be utilized together with various the units of MELSEC Q Series. Three PLC CPU types are existing in the lineup, which can be chosen to meet up the user's control system scale, for example performance level and program size.

Users can simply build the best solution for their manufacture facilities by joining these CPUs with other devices. A MELSEC PLC programming package, GX Developer, is existing for making PLC programs, which can provide the similar programming environment as Series of MELSEC Q.

Display Module
To decrease space while attractive the facilities operability, automakers require a touch panel which can serve up as both a CNC operation screen and as a machine operation screen. The Series of GOT1000 as the module of C70's display satisfies this requirement. The Series of GOT1000 line varieties from a packed in 3.7” size up to a wide 15” size inat XGA resolution. The monitor of CNC, which functions as an operation screen of CNC, can be installed in 10.4”, 12.1” and 15” monitors, which will execute as the main operation panel of machine’s.

A GOT functions as the panel of main operation, is straight linked to the keen interface on the module of CNC CPU, ensuring quick CNC screen display despite of the PLC CPU throughput.

Considered to robust in a slot of the main base of MELSEC, the module of C70's CNC CPU is amid the smallest in the world, with dimensions of palm-size is only 27.4 mm in width, 98 mm in height, and 119.3 mm in depth. Approximately all functions of CNC excluding the sequence control and power supply are packed in these dimensions. Furthermore, the capability of CNC has been higher than doubled against with the earlier CNC.


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