Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smart Panel PLC Graphic Operating Terminals

The terminals of Win CE with color displays from 3,5“ up to 15“PLC functions Complete range in accordance with visualization system of integrated of IEC 61131-3 for interfaces of graphical user Convenient integration of the system of Vario I/O through Ethernet.
• Brilliant color displays
• Runtime Soft PLC
• Programming according to robust, compacted hardware
• Touch-screen display
• Supports all 5 program languages of IEC 61131-3
• Configuration of flexible task
• Configurable establish procedure
• Commissioning tools and convenient debugging
• Integrated graphical visualization editor
• Efficient, fast data exchange between soft PLC and visualization
• The Vario I/O system of Graphical PLC configuration
• Ethernet TCP/IP accessible to variables through network
• Access data through OPC

Control terminal with fully graphic
The PLCs of PMA Smart Panel do all the applicable sequencing jobs as the central element in an automation system:
• Realtime operation of Soft PLC to IEC 61131-3
• Operation and visualization modifiable task precedence allow individual edition of partial tasks to the sequencing program requirements. It creates optimal use of processor performance for short response times.

The Soft PLC Short cycle times are ensured, mutually with the user interface fast response. The sequencing program integration and a user interface in an equipment with an ordinary programming environment results in important time and cost benefits. Furthermore, the Engineering is made simpler. The joint data uses in the visualization and sequencing program, the sources of possible error are reduced. The terminal control can be connected into available networks very simply through the Ethernet interface. Other PLCs are capable to contact the common data by means of network variables. An elective OPC server allows suitable access to the process data. An added means of access is offered by the web server optional on the Smart Panel PLC.

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