Monday, June 27, 2011

Power Supply and Input Circuits of T100MX+ PLC

Power Supply
The small PLCs of T100MX+ for example the T100MX-3224R+ need a single regulated power supply +24V DC. Even though the PLC’s CPU can essentially work at voltages as low as 12V DC, its integrated electromechanical relays require at least +17V to run constantly. The PLCs can run at much wider voltage variety of power supply between 12 to 24V DC for all transistor-output models such as, the T100MX-4832+. Although the PLC can use either linear or switching power supply, please take note that if you need very precise analog reading from the on-board ADC, next you should employ only a good linear power supply that is ripples free. Switching power supply is well recognized to be noisy and can affect the analog reading accuracy.

The models of higher I/O for example T100MX-4832+ also acquire two different power connectors: One is the “CPU power” and the other marked the “I/O power”. These two connectors of power are connected internally on the T100MX-4832+Rev D version. Therefore you should exploit a single regulated, power supply of 12V to 24V DC (+/-5% fluctuation) to join to both inputs of power supply. Using split wires for the I/O and the CPU aid to decrease the noisy load power from the power of CPU.

Input Circuits
Observe the silk-screen markings on the PCB of T100MX+ and you should be capable to discover markings for example “Input 9-16”, “Input 1-8”, etc. which designate the Input terminals locations. All inputs contain indicators of green color LED. Every group has 8 inputs together into a detachable single strip of screw terminal and it divides a single COM terminal. All inputs utilize bi-directional opto-isolators and they can be linked to either NPN (sink current) or PNP (source current) types of sensor-outputs. The numbers of input are noticeable on their terminals of screw as well as on the PCB along with the strip pin.

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