Sunday, June 26, 2011

T100MX+ Programmable Controller

The T100MX+ is a powerful programmable controller family. It is the other popular M-series PLCs close sibling: the T100MD+ PLCs. The major differentiation between the 2 families is which the T100MX+ has ports of 3 serial but no incorporated LCD port, while the T100MD+ has an incorporated LCD port but removed the second serial port of RS232. Up till now another difference being that T100MX+ utilizes input drivers of bi-directional opto isolated which can boundary to both the NPN and the PNP inputs type. The first port of RS232 COMM1 on the T100MX+ is moreover opto-isolated. Beside that, the T100MD+ and T100MX+ PLCs run similarly from the programming point of view.

The PLCs of M-series undergo one main firmware and hardware upgrade in 1999 to offer them extra ability of powerful communication. The newest M-series PLC hardware revision is “Rev D”. All designs of Rev D are obviously marked alongside the PCB board right edge. This guide of installation explains mostly the hardware appropriate just to the PLC of T100MX+. For comprehensive the special I/Os description and communication protocols which are familiar to both the T100MD+ and T100MX+ PLCs, please refer to the User’s Manual of T100MD+.

The T100MX+ Members differ only in their ON/OFF I/O digital combination. It will be initiating some standard models from 32 to 128 I/Os. Special combinations of I/O can also be custom-made for customers of OEM requiring over than 300 PLCs per year. In the above instance T100MX-3224+ resources that the PLC has 32 type inputs of ON/OFF and 24 type outputs of ON/OFF. The “R” specifies that some of the outputs are type of relay. Models with outputs of transistor do not bring the label of “R”. If you contain the 8 analog channels of I/Os, the PLC will contain a total of 32 + 24+ 8 = 64 I/Os.

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