Sunday, June 26, 2011

Installing the 1784_KT Allen Bradley into a Computer

The below steps outline are how to install the 1784-KT into a computer, terminal, or workstation. According to the computer’s, terminal’s, or workstation’s hardware user manual for further assistance.
1. Switch off the computer and cut off the cord of ac power.
2. Take away all covers necessary to increase access to the slot area of computer’s expansion. The terminals of industry may have allowance brackets.
3. Take away the slot bracket expansion that covers up the computer I/O opening.
4. Take away the 1784-KT from the static bag.
5. Confirm the settings configuration for the system.
Important: If other card is already using the preferred switch settings, you will have to adjust the settings of card’s switch to a location of open memory.
If you are using the settings of default, go to step 10.
If you are not using the settings of default, go to step 6.
6. Choose a location of memory.
7. Choose the setting of interrupt. The options are:
- IRQ7
- IRQ5
- IRQ4
- IRQ3
- No interrupt
8. Set the address of memory location, by pressing the switches in at either the bottom or top, to reproduce the chosen memory location address.
9. Locate the interrupt by insertion the provided jumper in the correct location. Take out the jumper and put it on the two pins that match to the interrupt choice. If an interrupt is not needed by the program software, put the jumper in the position of “no interrupt”.
10. Slide the 1784-KT slowly into the slot of I/O expansion with a hand on each end of the board. Insert the connector of edge card firmly into the connector of I/O expansion slot.
11. Fix the hold on to screw into the retaining bracket and tighten.
12. Assemble all brackets and covers that take away in step 2.

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