Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Series of OptiMate Terminals Compatible with Main Brands of PLC

Nematron has 16 operators the terminals of interface in the Series of OptiMate. All of the terminals are companionable with the main brands of PLC's. The Series of OptiMate is also companionable with microprocessor or computer based applications by using the protocol of OptiMate Hex.

All the terminals of operator are high performance, low cost, interface modules of man/machine with a large range of input and show capabilities. The product line of OptiMate is the most solution of cost-effective in I/O & control on the market today. The modules of OptiMate are companionable with any computer that has either a port of RS422 or RS232. They are also companionable with a lot of main PLC's

Broad Compatibility
The operator panels of OptiMate are compatible with most main brands of PLCs, as well as micro processor or PC according to applications using the protocol of OptiMate Hex. Compatible PLC brands consist of:
• Koyo
• Mitsubishi
• Modbus
• Modicon
• Omron
• Siemens
• Toshiba
• Allen Bradley
• AutomationDirect
• Entertron
• GE Fanuc
• Keyence

Easy to Use Software
The OM-WINEDIT is a user friendly, graphical software program that operates on any computer of Windows®-compatible. It is existing to construct any system of OptiMate panel, or identify all system parameters.

The OM-WINEDIT can be downloaded from the web site at no charge. It can also be bought on CD-ROM and comes with cables of OM-CCBL and OMACBL-1 to connect the operator panels and PC. Use the PLC Compatibility Chart to decide the letter to add on to the number of model that you are ordering. For instance, to buy an OM640 to apply in the AB PLC, after that the number of model to order would be OM640G. It would be OM640H for use with a Modbus PLC. A “--” designates that the model is incompatible with the matching PLC.

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