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Addressing A120 Input and Output

The models of 110CPU512 or 110CPU612 may use an optional expansion of A120 I/O capability. It also needs to be mapped of I/O in that configuration memory of PLC’s system when A120 I/O is used. You have to edit the map of I/O through panel software to address A120 I/O. Every I/O module of A120 is allocated a location in the rack. Every physical rack linked to the PLC can have up to 5 I/O locations. As many as 20 I/O modules of A120 can be addressed in an I/O map of Micro PLC. The first 5 locations are kept for fixed I/O capabilities, and locations 06 ... 20 are for I/O modules of A120. The PLC keeps the following references for extended I/O addressing:
Locations 00017 - 00080 for addressing discrete output points of A120
Locations 10017 - 10080 for addressing discrete input points of A120
Locations 30002 - 30005 and 30011 - 30030 for addressing register/analog inputs from I/O of A120
Locations 40003 - 40010 are reserved for mapping register outputs from I/O of A120

Note These kept references may be used for addressing fixed resources of I/O in other PLCs on an expansion link of I/O if they are not used for I/O addressing of A120.

A Micro PLC with an A120 I/O Rack
The example uses two map screens of I/O from MODSOFT Lite. The system being I/O mapped contains a PLC of 110CPU51200 and a rack of modules for five A120 I/O, they are three BDAP216s and two BDAP212s. The PLC uses only one of its points of discrete I/O for this appliance. Thus, the total of six locations of I/O are used in this configuration, MIC128 for the fixed I/O points, and five locations for the modules of A120 I/O. Screen 1 demonstrates the I/O map for resources fixed I/O of the 110CPU51200 PLC. This PLC is measured rack #1 with reverence to A120 I/O expansion. The only locations 1, 2, and 3 in rack #1 can be contacted.

In MODSOFT Lite, every rack is I/O mapped on a divide screen. You can shift forward and backward throughout the screens—e.g., throughout the racks—by pressing and .
The I/O of A120 in rack 2 is I/O addressed in the map of I/O shown in screen 2. The input points of A120 have been mapped to situations 10017 - 10032 and the output points to 00017 - 00080 in the user data memory of PLC.

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