Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Importance of PLC programming

Many people don’t understand that PLC programming is the key behind the success of every automation programs. Without the suitable language, the automation programs won’t possibly work and in the end may end up in disaster. When people want to make sure that their program works well, they need to be sure that the PLC programming they use is correct and properly designed.

About PLC programming
PLC programming is like the machine behinds all automation programs. Everyone knows that a complete car without the engine is useless. Although the car is designed in very special ways or it’s equipped with the latest technology, it won’t be working without the machine. That basic operational system is just the same as the PLC language system. No matter how sophisticated the computer is or no matter how sophisticated all the programs are, they won’t work well without the right PLC language. If the expert isn’t able to come up with the right PLC language setting, forget being able to make the automation program works.

What Kind of PLC programming Are Usually Used?
In the past, people might only need to use one type of PLC programming, but everything changes now. People are able to use several different languages that allow the programs to work in several ways and systems. In the past, people might only be able to rely on ladder logic. But now, they can rely on Basic or C or the State Logic. The State Logic itself is a special language program that is designed based on the transition state diagrams. When people use several languages at once, it means they want the automation process to handle several different programs. This kind of automation process is usually needed by industrial plantation or very sophisticated manufacturing industry. That’s why the heavy industry always needs professional and skilled experts to design the right and suitable PLC programming for their work.

It requires a very special and skilled IT expert to write the right PLC programming. Each automation process isn’t the same like others. That’s why it’s important to have the right person with the right skill to handle this matter. The experts will write the language on a computer – it’s possible to use regular computer or PC – and then they can download the program or they can transfer the program to the intended PLC computer. The PLC programming will be usually stored inside the memory non volatile compartment.

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