Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Addressing I/O Locations PLC

The mapping of I/O is a table in the configuration memory of PLC’s system that associations reference numbers in the data memory of PLC’s user e.g. 0x, 1x, 3x, and 4x to real inputs and outputs field.

Fixed I/O Locations
A PLC of Modicon Micro has five permanent I/O locations kept for it in the map editor of I/O.
Location 1 for addressing permanent discrete resources of input and output.
Location 2 for addressing inputs of counter/interrupt
Location 3 for addressing inputs of timer/counter
Location 4 for addressing inputs and outputs of fixed analog
Location 5 for addressing the registers transfer for a generalized data transfer process between a child and parent PLC.

Some of locations might not be applied for all PLC models—e.g., location 4 is kept for fixed analog I/O which is existing only in the 110CPU612s. A kept fixed I/O location in the I/O map has to be left empty when not used —it can’t be exploited to address another type I/O. When you appear at the I/O map in the panel of software, the I/O types point in every fixed I/O location are specific by an alphanumeric location type. It explains the types of standard location for the fixed resources on all models of Micro PLCs. The system of operating keeps the first twelve 0x locations and the first sixteen 1x locations e.g. 00001 ... 00016 and 10001 ... 10016 for the fixed discrete I/O occupant on the unit. For instance, the fixed reserves of a PLC of 110CPU51201 in the mode of single operating would be addressed as follows: Location type MIC131 in the first location to specify the discrete I/O points; the 115 VAC inputs are addressed to references 10001 ... 10016, the triac outputs are addressed to references 00001 ... 00008, the relay outputs are addressed to references 00009 ... 00012

Location type MIC140 in the second location to specify the high-speed interrupt/counter inputs, which are addressed to references 10081 ... 10088 MIC147 Location type in the third location to identify the high-speed input of timer/counter, which is addressed to record 30001 The last two locations, for I/O analog and generalized the data transfer, are not accessible in this I/O map. Only PLCs of 110CPU612 support I/O analog, and only child and parent PLCs maintain comprehensive data transfer. It is the I/O map screen from MODSOFT Lite illustrates the method of the discrete addressing is showed.

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