Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Programmable Logic Controller’s Basic Knowledge

Programmable logic controller is designed to substitute a circuit electrical relay serial in one control system. Besides programmable, this programmable logic controller may also be controlled, as well as operated by people who don't have basic knowledge in computer operation.

Programmable logic controller or also known as PLC is stands for
• Programmable - show ability in terms of computer memory storage programs that have been created to easily changed function or utility.
• Logic - show the ability in processing input in the arithmetic as well as logic.
• Controller - show the ability to manage and control the process to bring out the desired output.

Basic components of a PLC
• The basic elements of a Programmable Logic Controller consist of a programming console, power supply, and memory, output and input modules, CPU. Below are the components descriptions;
• Programming console is a computer programming panel that holds RAM and functioning as semi-permanent computer storage, in a program that was either created or modified. Programs composed to the console should be in the cast of mnemonic. This kind of device can be attached directly to the central processing unit by using a wire, which can be installed or removed at any time.
• Memory is a storage component of the program, To the PLC will likely to work as anticipated then required a program to execute it. The program would be stored in a particular method in order the PLC may access commands as instructed. One also needed to store data temporarily during the implementation of the program.
• CPU is basically the central controller and data processor of the whole work system of PLC. Process carried by the CPU as well as other international control of the entire operations. It is also domesticate existing programs within the memory, handle communications between input, output, and memory by the BUS system.
• Input module operates by picking up signals of the sensors peripheral units, caters signal settings, isolation, termination, and input signal status indicator. The signals of the peripheral devices will be scanned and it will be passed on through the user interface module in the PLC.
• The output signal module triggers a diversity of devices like hydraulic actuators, solenoid, pneumatic, starter motor, and the display status of the computer peripheral points that are attached in the Programmable Logic Controller’s system.

These days, Programmable Logic Controller are manufactured by a lot of major manufacturers, including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Fuji, Koyo, Mitsubishi, Telemecanique, and many other. The programming of the Programmable Logic Controller is performed by proprietary software developed by the particular manufacturer.

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