Friday, July 29, 2011

PLC Controls Systems: Different Machines and Types

Everyone knows that industry relies so much on PLC controls systems because the systems make the automation process possible. Can anyone imagine how it will be when the machines have to be operated manually? How many human labors are needed and how many hours spent for the monitoring and working process? Not to mention that large scale productions will be difficult to achieve since everything has to be done manually. That’s why PLC systems are very important for the industrial development and operation.

PLC Controls Systems: Industrial Control System
PLC system is very important and mostly used in industrial world, although some of them are also used in entertainment industry and others. The main application of the PLC system, however, still focuses on industry. That’s why there’re lots of automatic machines with PLC based designed and created. There’re also many service companies providing their service in setting up and maintaining the PLC system. When it comes to industrial control system, the service companies will provide the following services:
• designing, manufacturing, and installing the industrial controls system
• integrating the system with other machineries or elements
• programming and supporting HMI options
• programming PLC system and also control panel system
• programming the PLC service
• maintaining and taking care of the PLC system
Those kinds of services can be applied for all kinds if industries, starting from process industry and packaging line to pharmaceutical production and automatic projects.

Different Types of Industrial PLC Controls System Machines
Although there’re many types of industrial PLC control system, their main principle is the same: to make automation process possible and to provide easiness and flexibility for better operation. Since most PLC systems are used in harsh environmental, people need solid and sturdy device that won’t easily break down due to shake or bump. That’s why PLC machines are designed. They may look like regular computers but they’re sturdier and stronger. Knowing that PLC machines will be used and installed in harsh condition, the makers design the machines to be resistant to all kinds of bump, shock, shake, liquid, and temperature. There’re several popular PLC machines, such as: FX3U from Mitsubishi, System Q, or Micro PLC SIMATIC S7-200. Of course, people can always use other machines, if they want to. But remember to use the special designed PLC machines.

It doesn’t matter what kind of PLC machines people use, as long as they understand their needs and they can find the machines that suit their needs best. Choosing good and reliable industrial PLC controls systems is a good long term investment.

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