Friday, July 29, 2011

Zone Triggering of PLC for Powder Automation

The efficiency Improvement of a powder coating line is very important. Those manufacturing taking the time to examine and execute new tools and concepts of automation will discover their products being produced with a better looking finish while recognizing improved performance in finishing line of operation costs. A lot of users of powder apparatus have taken the time to assess recovery booth technology, new spray gun, and automation. Those that have spent in these items take in many advantages like decreased material usage got better film control, lesser operating costs and extensive equipment life.

Another solution to improve efficiency is to operate automation. Automation comprises the utilize of a programmable logic controller (or PLC) to operate gun positioning, airflow controls, gun controls, and other system variables. The PLC’s is more accepted with many users of new powder systems and powder paint. But a great portion of the industry is not applying automated controls to advance upon their systems efficiency. There is existent value in having the value of powder guns moving out and in or powder guns turn off and on. A lot of users don’t recognize these benefits and choose to disregard them.

Zone triggering submits to triggering the guns according to the part profile. A characteristic application applies photo sensors to examine the product as it comes in the booth of powder-coating. The information of photo sensor is saved in the PLC and makes a product digital “image”. This information is saved in a register of logical shift and transferred through the memory of PLC in sync with the conveyor move. An encoder placed to the conveyor is utilized to supply movement of conveyor information. As the product advances the guns of powder coating, the data in the PLC move register is examined. Every gun can be independently triggered depend on its nearness to the product. The gun is activated on when the product achieves a preset space to the gun.

This space can be negative or positive and is in relative to the product leading edge. The gun is activated off when the product straggling edge accomplishes another preset distance to the gun. By adapting these distances of Lag and Lead, the request can be optimized to get better move efficiency and deposition of powder. The sensors of photo characteristically stand for the Zones. If a booth has 5 photo sensors, made them vertically, it is assumed to have five zones. The gun will only activate when the product has gone through the particular zone by allocating active zones to every gun. This enables only the guns required for a particular product to be activated, which again gets better transfer efficiency.

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