Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twido Programmable Controller

Twido TWD LCAp 40DRF TWD and LCpA ppDRF compact programmable base controllers include:
1. Two hinged block of connection terminal involves for contact to the terminals.
2. An access door of hinged.
3. A serial port connector of the type of RS 485 mini-DIN (permitting the programming terminal connection).
4. A slot for the display module of digital maintenance/diagnostic TWD XCP ODC.
5. A terminal block screw for connection of the input sensors for c 24 V supply to the sensors. and
6. A I/O expansion modules connector of TWD Dpp, NOI 10M3, and TWD App (maximum of 7 modules on 40 I/O base controllers and 4 modules on 24 I/O base controllers).
- A block showing display:
- The controller status such as STAT, PWR, RUN, and ERR,
- The inputs and outputs called as INp and OUTp.
7. A terminal block of screw for the output pre-actuators connection.
8. Two adjustment points of analogue (a tip for models of 16 and 10 I/O).
9. A connector of extension for the adding of a 2nd serial port of RS 485 or RS 232C using TWD NAC ppp adapter.
10. A terminal block of screw for link of the AC 19.2...30 V power supply or 100...240 V.
11. A connector for:
• Cartridge of real-time clock TWD XCP RTC or cartridge of TWD XCP MFK32 memory for TWD LCpA ppDRF base controllers,
• Incorporated clock of real-time TWD XCP RTC and Cartridge of memory TWD XCP MFK64 for base controllers of TWD LCAp 40DRF.
12. The connector of RJ45 for connection to the network of Ethernet, only on TWD LCAE 40DRF base controller. Modular base controllers are placed on a symmetrical 5 rail. Fixing equipment TWD XMT5 lets panel or plate mounting (2 x Ø 4.3 holes).

Compact base controllers characteristics
• Operation Temperature: 0…+ 55°C. Storage: - 25…+ 70°C
• Relative humidity: 30 to 95 %, without condensation
• Protection degree: 20 IP
• Storage: 0…3000 m
• Operation Altitude: 0…2000 m
• Resistance of Vibration: placed on 5 rail 10… 57 Hz, acceleration 57…150 Hz 2 9.8 m/s (1 gn), amplitude 0.075 mm
• Shock resistance: 147 m/s (15gn) for 11 milliseconds
• Panel or plate placed: 39.2 m/s2 (4 gn)
• Backup battery Data Internal RAM: counters, shift registers, internal words and bits, internal variables, timers,...
• Approximately Operating time: 30 days at 25°C
• Battery type: not interchangeable Lithium battery
• Approximately Charging time 15 h to charge from 0...90% of the full charge


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