Monday, August 22, 2011

The ABB Scalable PLC for Customized Automation

The requirements of customers met to excellence
Constant increasingly, simple, flexible when selecting a field bus, and planned for trends of future market those are some of the commands made on the platform of automation, mostly in the sector of mechanical engineering, but in plant of engineering as well. These requirements have been worked out in a close dialog with end-users and customers. And currently, they have been recognized in the high functionality and design of the latest scalable PLC of AC500.

Parallel connection to some buses
The latest AC500 contains of different devices that can be joint and flexibly increased to ensemble the individual requirements of customer. It is also probable, for example, to run some field buses concurrently in any preferred arrangement with a single control system. Customers can select between different classes of CPU presentation, which can even be simply substituted consequently to meet rising requirements. The common tool of engineering Control Builder of AC500 offers identical programming of the whole platform base on IEC 61131-3, with more utilities and features.

Assurances investment in future
In addition the system high performance capabilities regarding reliability and ease of maintenance, handling, also the availability of long-term the selected system cooperates a important role: Your safe investment have to be guaranteed in future. ABB presents a modern platform with high-performance which is appropriate for automation concepts of future-oriented and open for latest trends and market requirements with the new AC500.

The field bus flexible choice
Flexibility in the field bus option without needing to substitute any devices of field: That’s the fundamental idea following the FBP (field bus plug). Therefore, varying the field bus, frequently because of end-user’s wishes, only needs the plug connector substitution itself – the devices field and wiring terminal can be kept. The FBP is the connection to a switching communicative series and components of automation, which can so be joint with the systems of standard field bus in the easiest technique

Complete product portfolio
ABB presents a whole range of low-voltage devices from one basis: devices for switching and protection, PLC, for example contactors, soft starters, and circuit-breakers. Many of these components of ABB have been incorporated into the inventive system idea involved. Instances here comprise the Controller Universal Motor of UMC22-FBP for efficient protection of motor and mainly motor control of user-friendly, the soft starter of PSS and the switch of wireless proximity, the interactive circuit breakers Tmax T4, T5. The product range of FBP has been extensive by modules of field-bus-neutral I/O and a CPU which can also be utilized as a slave of field bus via the FBP with the AC500.


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