Sunday, August 21, 2011

The ABB CP500 Interfaces of User Display

Obvious communication of man-machine
The AC500 presents as well a wide range products for communication between machine and operator. There are a lot of different displays to select from, which convince application-specific orders concerning necessary operator actions and density of information. Whether it’s an easy device for showing text, a device capability of graphic or a color display touch-panel, the whole range of control terminals meets up the specifications for exploited transparency and competence for the task of automation.

Operators can correspond with the CPUs of AC500 through a variety of operator panels, read and write contact on data of device is probable. Arrangement is fast and simple to carry out, with the similar software for all devices. Authority and languages programming are equal for all devices. All user panels fulfill IP65 protection at the front with observe to often cruel conditions at the installation place. User panels and devices of automation are connected either simply through serial interfaces, or complex applications through Modbus, Ethernet, or PROFIBUS DP.

Functionalities in line
Dependent on the device type used, the user panels characteristic the below functions:
• clock of real-time
• management alarm in some different groups
• data logger and style curves
• management recipe
• printouts of report
• protection password
• memory up to 1.6 MB

Ethernet works with 10 MBit/s data rate and 100 MBit/s Fast-Ethernet. Ethernet uses the model of producer or consumer. This indicates that each station groups equivalent rights. All other stations eavesdrop and agree to the data directed to them while it is sending. Access of bus is keeping pace by the procedure of Carrier-Sense Multiple-Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD), where every station may separately send out when the bus is free. If a crash happens, if two stations start to send out concurrently, both of them will stop sending and wait for a erratically decided time before they send out again. Ethernet describes the Physical Link as Layers 1 and Data Link as layer 2 of the model of OSI.

The AC500 supports reception and transmission of data with UDP/IP and/or TCP/IP. additional layers of application can be realized by consequent loading. Concurrent TCP/IP operation, application layer and UDP/IP are also reassured.

Ring-shaped or star by Ethernet switch or hub.

The media of transmission
RJ45 connector is using twisted-pair cables. The maximum length of cable is 100 metres for 100 MB/sec.

Detailed messages of diagnostic for quick troubleshooting are exposed on the display of CPU. Additionally, the status of device is designated at the module of communication by 4 LEDs.


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