Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Advantages of ABB Scalable PLC

Program Flexibility
The AC500 PLC can be modified to the majority different tasks of automation: the devices alarmed can be utilized and joint in a flexible method. The different parts number to be reserved in stock is likewise minimized.

The system architecture of AC500
The CPUs are accessible in the classes PM591, PM571, and PM581 performance, all can be programmed in 5 different languages, and give a display of LCD, an SD card slot, an operator keypad, and 2 incorporated serial interfaces. The CPUs can be merely connected onto the terminal base of CPU. Alternatively, they are also accessible with incorporated ARCNET or Ethernet.

The modules of communication
For connection to standard systems of field bus and incorporation into accessible networks. Up to 4 modules of communication in any preferred mixture are permitted at one CPU, consequential in a communication high degree.

The terminal base of CPU
It is available in 3 different versions, allows the CPU simple plugging and one, two or four modules of communication.

The modules of I/O
It is analog and digital in different versions. It can be basically connected onto the terminal units. Flexible utilize appreciation to configurable channels.

The units of terminal
T is multi-purpose usage for both analog and digital I/Os. Allow easy rewiring without electronics. It is alternatively for the terminals of screw-type or spring for 24 V DC and 230 V AC.

The interface module of FBP
It is connecting the selected FBP connector with embedded digital I/Os and an interface of field-bus-neutral. For decentralized development by up to 7 I/O modules.

Uploading and downloading the program user without a firmware update or a PC for all devices such as, CPU, couplers or I/O modules, interfaces possible for data logging.
1. Keypad and display of back-lighted LCD
2. Slot of SD card
3. Modules of Plug-in communication
4. Alternatively with incorporated ARCNET or Ethernet
5. Interface of FBP
6. Two interfaces of serial for programming, Modbus, ASCII, or field bus of CS31
7. Flexible by up to 7 local modules of I/O

In addition the a high-performance, appropriate hardware, convenient engineering tool and user-friendly is crucial for programming, simple planning, commissioning and testing of an application of automation. AC500 Control Builder offers the below functionalities:
• Five standardized programming languages: FBD, IL, LD, ST, SFC
• Free the function chart (CFC) of graphical
• Functions of debugging for the test of program:
- Single cycle
- Breakpoint
- Single step


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