Saturday, August 6, 2011

Automatic Mode of ABB PLC

There are two operation modes, restoration of AUTOMATIC and MANUAL. Restoration of line is executed by the PLC without any intervention from operator in system in AUTOMATIC mode.
Operation of AUTOMATIC MODE happens as such:
1. The rollers at Feeder Location 3 and Substation Location 1 are stopped. The breaker at Location 2 of Substation is open. In this instance, the nosh from the TPU 2000R is offering supply to the feeder at location 3. The PLC is continuously reading values of metering and calculating the load average necessary by Feeder Location 3.
2. On the fault event, the TPU 2000R journeys the breaker. The PLC knows the trip immediately and immediately decides if adequate reserve is available at Substation Location 2 to supply Feeder Location 3.
3. The PLC straight away releases the roller at Feeder Location 3. It checks that interpreting the breaker status releases the breaker.
4. If Location 2 Substation has adequate preserve to provide the location 3 feeder, the PLC wait 3 seconds to make sure that the Substation Location 1TPU breaker is release.
5. The PLC shall Close the breaker at Substation Location 2 and interpret the values of metering and status of breaker reported via the DPU 2000R.
6. The PLC still computes the load on the line and decides if there is still adequate preserve to put in additional feeder lines, the PLC shall wait 1 second more and transmit a close control to the breaker that controlled by the PCD 2000.
7. The PLC shall interpret the values of metering and statuses of breaker at every of the 3 locations of IED and report them to the system of MAGELIS through the substation internal network.
8. At every step above, a message is created as to the step being executed by the PLC. The each step status of messages is showed and archived by operator interface of MAGELIS. The PLC will place the scheme of restoration in mode of MANUAL.

IF any steps fail to perform, the MAGELIS HMI will show a message of error as to the cause of failure in the process of restoration. MANUAL MODE stops the capability of PLC to close the breaker. The PLC still calculates the values of loading and prepared the operator as to alarms. The PLC corresponds with MAGELIS MMI and shows the status of messages/breaker information/metering data informing the operator if sufficient load is accessible to provide the feeder. This offers the operator extra information if a manual restoration is to be executed via the interface of operator.


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