Thursday, August 25, 2011

Communicate Expand Link with IDEC AS-Interface

You can make 16,384 I/O points daisy-chain, if you connect 32 MicroSmart Pentras, done well with 512 I/Os per system and development modules. Visualize what you can do with all those inputs I/Os per system.

Networking of AS-interface
The AS-interface (Actuator Sensor-interface) is the most cost-effective and simplest of the PLC-based, protocols of industrial-networking. This field bus type is mainly projected to be utilized to control actuators and sensors at spaces of up to 100 m. the IDEC supports this release of technology, which is in the tools established in the global automation systems.

IDEC recommends a plug-in master module of AS-interface, FC4A-AS62M, that is simple to construct; it can also attach to up to 64 slaves. You will decrease the value of engineering required, enhance your operations and employ simpler wiring since it needs less maintenance with this module. With a typical cost savings of 15 to 40 percent, if compared with traditional methods of cabling, using the module of IDEC AS-interface is the simple option.

The capability to correspond over the network of Ethernet is no longer an alternative for the most industrial systems, it is a mandatory.

The Ethernet is the fastest increasing segment of industrial networking, it is allowing access from anywhere. It has capability and simple remote-data archiving. It builds sense: You can not always be in the similar location as the machinery, but with Web Server of IDEC, you don not need to be. The status of monitor in real-time, at a lesser price than with any other release standard or network with proprietary bus.
• Remote maintenance
It permits you to utilize the software of IDEC such as, WindSRV or WindLDR to monitor remotely, upload and download of any ladder program.
• Monitoring of Web
Allows you utilize Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer to check or inform your PLC with a custom, integrated, dialog box of monitor.
• Messaging Alarm
You can transmit to 32 messages of customized from the Module of Web Server to 64 e-mail addresses or cell phones maximum. You can be informed right away of any processing condition or error that arises.
• Exchange of Data
Allows communication between some MicroSmart PLCs of IDEC over a network of Ethernet.
• Connectivity I/O
The touch screens of IDEC and MicroSmart PLCs of IDEC can communicate even when placed in completely split areas.
• Protection with Password
Secure the system by enabling you to protect with password any illegal access.


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